Cambodia – a country with many faces. The beautiful culture and impressive history is a reason to visit Cambodia but also the incredible nature; mountains, sea, lakes, jungle, rice fields, you name it. A real discovery of this great country is waiting for you.

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Country information

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is famous for it’s long riverside, the Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda and the many markets. A must while visiting Phnom Penh are the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes. A lot of history and culture can be found here; it tells us about Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge. Furthermore, a lot unique bars and restaurants can be found in the capital city of Cambodia.

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  • Shopping at the Central Market
    The Central Market or New Market has a central location in Phnom Penh. It’s the largest market and half covered. The inside is dominated by jewel stands, but you can also find everything else on this market.
  • Shopping at the Russian Market
    The Russian Market started as a market for foreigner’s. This market is not placed in a building and is smaller and darker than the Central
    Market. The centre is dominated by dining stands.1
  • Visiting Choeung Ek, killing fields
    $5 entrance fee
    This is one of the largest and best known killing field in Cambodia. Now a days, this area contains groups of mass graves, killing area and a memorial stupa. It takes a 40-50 minute drive with tuk-tuk from the center of Phnom Penh. Take the audio tour and walk along this horrible, but impressive place.
  • Visiting Tuol Sleng S 21, prison
    $2 entrance fee, $5 renting a video

    This prison, located in de center of Phnom Penh, was the last stop of many people who were killed at Choeung Ek. The terrain is divided in different buildings, each have their own story. There is not much available information, but the many portrait pictures and remaining single cells give a good impression.
  • Visiting Olympic Stadion
    The Olympic Stadion facilitate many games like football, athletics, volleybal etc. Now a days, when there is no game at the stadium, Phnom Penh residents use the place for daily exercise gym sessions, yoga, athletics and dance practice. It’s located just out of the center of Phnom Penh. You can join a practice in the early evening.
  • Visiting Royal Palace
    $6,25 entrance fee
    The Royal Palace is a large terrain with several royal buildings, divided in three main compounds. Because of the explanations at several small exhibitions you can get a lot of information about the king, his way of living and the royal history.
  • Take a photo in Khmer Style
    $20 including 3 prints
    In every large city in Cambodia there are several photo studio’s. Cambodian people take photo shoots before weddings and improve the photos with Photoshop. As a foreigner you can step into this world of fashion. Have your hair and make up done, pick a glittering outfit or kings suite and pose in special positions.
  • Visiting Wat Phnom
    $1 entrance fee
    Wat Phnom, a large temple on a small hill in the middle of Phnom Penh. A holy place for many residents and popular among the tourists. Beside the temple there are also a number of stupas and outbuildings. The entrance fee is only for foreigners


In Western Cambodia lays Battambang, a lot of culture and unique architecture can be found. Battambang can be called dreamy and poetic in comparison to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The Bamboo train in Battambang is a unique ride where you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery of Cambodia. The Phare Ponleu Selpak circus is a must visit as well, it’s a multi-arts centre for disadvantaged children, they give great shows! The sightseeing is also amazing, bad caves and many more.

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Of course, there are many more places to visit in Cambodia. For more information about Cambodia and its beauties, contact our staff!

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  • Kayaking on the river
    $12 per person, $3 guide
    Across Battambang lies the Sangkae river. This river end in the Tonle Sap river. When you go kayaking, you start a few kilometers out of the city and you follow the flow of the river. It will take you 2,5 / 3 hours to peddle to the end in the center of the city. There you’ll have a pick up to your guesthouse.
  • Visiting the Bamboo Train
    $5 per person
    The bamboo train is a popular activity for tourists in Battambang and this is noticeable. The one way rail is only used for the bamboo trains with tourists. While watching, your machinist build your train up from two axles, an outboard and a bamboo mat. When a oncoming train is coming, one of the two needs to get off the rail, dismantle his train and then rebuild it.
  • Visiting the Killing Cave, killing field
    $2 entrance fee, $4 renting a moto
    Less well known as the killing field in Phnom Penh, this cave is just as impressive. Thiscave is located on the Phnom Sampeu and you can also visit two Buddhist stupa’s and a nice lookout point. You can walk up the mountain (about 260 steps) or rent a moto.
  • Taking tour through countryside
    Take a tuk-tuk and drive through the countryside of Battambang. Sometimes, when it has rained, the roads are pretty bad. You will drive through the rice fields, rural huts and your guide can tell you all the ins and outs.
  • Sleeping in a homestay
    In the countryside of Battambang you can sleep in a homestay. Your guide will bring you there and stays with you, because most of the locals do not speak English very well. You will sleep in a hut of cane and because of your arrival the residents will cook a real festive meal. In the morning you can see the upcoming sun above the rice fields.
  • Taking a cooking class
    $8 per person, including grocery and drinks
    There are a lot of restaurants in Battambang who offer cooking classes. One of them is the Smoking Pot.
    During the class at this known well restaurant you start at the local market to buy all the ingredients you need during the class. You will prepare fish amok, beef lok lak, morning glory and spicy chicken. After you can enjoy your own meals.
  • Visiting the Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus
    $10 entrance fee
    The Phare Ponleu Selpak is a social center and art school for children in Battambang. Every month they have different performers. In the circus tent is a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Visiting the Battambang Museum
    $1 entrance fee
    You can see a wide collection of parts of statues from the Angkor area. The added information is limited. Next to the museum is an exhibition place that often houses interesting displays featuring local agricultural and fishing practices, legends and folk tales.2
  • Taking a Seeing Hands Massage
    Around $6 per hour
    In Battambang there are many places where you can get a massage by a blind person. Take a look around in the city and then pick the place you like the most. Make a arrangement about the price and then enjoy the skills of this massage.
  • Sleeping in a orphanage
    $7 per night, excluding breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    The orphanage ‘Peacefull children’s home’ located just out of the center of Battambang has a newly build guesthouse. During your stay at the orphanage you can volunteer at the orphanage, rent a bike or eat and play with the children.


On the South Coast you can find Sihanoukville, this is the place to be for the beach- and nightlife of Cambodia. For a more quiet area we recommend Otres Beach, also in Sihanoukville. Kep and Kampot are located at the South Coast as well. Kep is a small village that is famous for it’s crab, this can be purchased at the local Crab Market. Bokor Mountain is a must visit when going to Kampot. You can rent a motorbike or book a tour to take you up the mountain. For an adventurous stay in Kampot, we recommend Climbodia.

More information about visiting the South Coast? Please ask our staff.