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Cambodja.nu Foundation

Cambodja.nu foundation

The founder, Peterhans Koperberg, has been organizing various development projects in Cambodia for nine years. His purpose was to organize development projects in various areas for five years. These projects were implemented with the help of Dutch young people, who stayed in the provinces of Cambodia for several weeks to this end. They financed projects by collecting private gifts.

In 2012 he worked out a new form of development work. Because of his personal experiences in Cambodia, and in discussions with his Cambodian friends, owners and associated of hotels and restaurants, he realized that jobs in the restaurants and hotel business create many opportunities for the local population. Cambodians are learning the English language, and develop other competences in the tourism branche. This way they support their families. Not only by the money they earn, but also because they share their knowledge and experience with their personal networks. Also, Peterhans got in touch with development organizations facilitating the local population to bear responsibility for organizing projects.

The idea emerged to set up a hotel in Siem Reap where local employees and students could improve their competences, including English language. Also, this enterprise would offer financial means that could be used to support other local initiatives.

Foundation Cambodja.nu

Everyone is entitled to a worthy and independent existence. In this, employment, (social) hygiene, education, a safe living environment, and the socio-economic development of the Cambodian society are of crucial importance.

Although everyone is entitled to all this, for a large section of the population of Cambodia this right is not a reality. They have less opportunities and possibilities to participate in society. The foundation Cambodja.nu wants to contribute to the self-sufficiency of this group, so that they can shape their own lives in a worthy manner, and realize their human rights.

Policy and modus operandi in Cambodia.

The foundation departs from the independence and self-sufficiency of people. Therefore the foundation collaborates with local partners who are responsible for their projects by themselves. The strength of this approach lies in the direct input of target groups and partners in these projects, which may result in an attitude change towards independence and self-sufficiency of everyone involved. So by implementing projects, the foundation tries not only to realize the project goals, but also to give shape to the independence and self-sufficiency of people.

The projects are based on problem analyses made by local stakeholders themselves. Therefore, the projects are closely connected to the local situation. Successively, the local partners write their own project proposals. Bloom Garden Guesthouse will maintain the personal contacts with local administrators, population, and foundations. All project proposals do have to contain at least a minimum of information on the proposing organization: the problem to be tackled with the project, how this will be done, for which target groups, which means are required to do so, a description of the project location, a time schedule for the implementation of the project, and a budget plan as comprehensive as possible.

The Board of the foundation evaluates the project proposals and includes them, after approval, in its budget plan. After a positive evaluation by the Board, local agencies become partners, and remain so, even if the project proposal cannot be supported right away.

When financing has been found for a project, the local partners realize the project activities, under the supervision of the foundation. Because implementing a project is a process towards independence and self-sufficiency, much attention is given to the way in which the implementation is evaluated and corrected.

After the activities have been realized, the process is finalized by a report plus a financial account. These are published on the website www.cambodja.nu.

By holding the partners responsible for all phases of the project, they learn to be independent. Besides, they are tackling the problems they have noted in their habitat by themselves. Precisely this mind set change leads to the step that communities will develop themselves socio-economically, and can become self-sufficient.


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