Charity Organization occupies itself with giving people in Cambodia a better living. Having implemented short-term projects for years, now is the moment to intensify this, and make this more effective. The result is setting up the Bloom Garden Guesthouse, a Social Enterprise developing commercial activities in order to maximize improvements in human and ecological well-being. Bloom Garden Guesthouse will support its Cambodian staff in the development and well-being of their personal living environments. It offers a safe work setting, and takes care of educational facilities for both the employees, and their families. Guests will be involved in the development goals Bloom Garden Guesthouse strives for, and have a chance to discover many facets of Cambodia. To create a reliable source of financing for the development initiatives, an charge is included in the room rent, to be spent by the foundation on these initiatives on, amongst others, the Cambodian countryside and the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development.

The Organization

The founder, Peterhans Koperberg, has been organizing various development projects in Cambodia for eight years. His purpose was to organize development projects in various areas for five years. These projects were implemented with the help of Dutch young people, who stayed in the provinces of Cambodia for several weeks to this end. They financed projects by collecting private gifts.

In 2012 he worked out a new form of development work. Because of his personal experiences in Cambodia, and in discussions with his Cambodian friends, owners and associated of hotels and restaurants, he realized that jobs in the restaurants and hotel business create many opportunities for the local population. Cambodians are learning the English language, and develop other competences in the tourism branche. This way they support their families. Not only by the money they earn, but also because they share their knowledge and experience with their personal networks. Also, Peterhans got in touch with development organizations facilitating the local population to bear responsibility for organizing projects.

The idea emerged to set up a hotel in Siem Reap where local employees and students could improve their competences, including English language. Also, this enterprise would offer financial means that could be used to support other local initiatives.

Peterhans Koperberg

Peterhans Koperberg, founder of the Foundation, and initiator of the Bloom Garden Guesthouse, has been active in Cambodia since 2006. He organized journeys and initiated projects to improve the well-being of the local population in various ways. Peterhans wants to do more to make a difference for the Cambodians.

Peterhans: “Living on the basis of confidence might be the most important thing the Cambodians taught me. The country conquered a central place in my heart. It touches me. Cambodians can teach you how to deal with insecurity, freedom, and responsibility. It is country with a turbulent history, but incredibly viable. For me, perhaps the most memorable incident is the commitment of my Cambodian friends when I unfolded my plans. The confidence you receive, the connectedness I felt: for me, this is the essence of life. Cambodia helps me to locate the connection with myself, with what I regard as important and with who I love, in the centre of my life. To live and do business on the basis of connectedness and trust.”