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I’m already working a long time to realize the Bloom Garden Guesthouse. At the time I took resignation (October 2014), I randomly asked some people to write a ‘quote’ showing that I will realize this project. These quotes have given me great support and so I want to share this with you as a follower.

Writers; thanks a lot, all the quotes will get a prominent place in the hotel!


“Perseverance, people person, warm and loving, communicative; those are your qualities that are needed to realize this project.”

Josta van der Kooye,

Dep. Prison Director P. I. Haarlem,

Colleague Peterhans


“Your heart shows you the way. The road from the path that is there for you to walk. Follow your heart, your feelings, your dreams then I am convinced that it suits you where you should be. It is revealed that Peterhans Cambodia has concluded in his heart. His path then goes eastward. There’s no doubt about it. The right intention leads you to the right path. In this case, the right mountain, the only way is up to Bloom Garden Guesthouse, Koperberg (Coppermountain) Hotel. “

Marieke Vliegen

Yoga teacher and co-Cambodia-fan,

Friend of Peterhans


“The Bloom Garden Guesthouse is a great success because we work with passionate people, there is cooperation with the local population, as a starting locally where possible and through your knowledge and experience with the country and its people!”

Margrethe Tippersma

Project / Programme Manager

Friend of Peterhans


“Even though he is unpaved, full of bumps, potholes and curves … where’s a will there’s a way for Peter Hans.”

Annet Lelieveld

Executive Secretary Dutch Correctional Intitutions Agency

Colleague Peterhans


“There are not so many people who are so driven and passionate as Peterhans. Through his social skills, enthusiasm and humor the Bloom Garden Guesthouse will be a success. I have had the privilege to travel through Cambodia with him and seen what he gets done and how the Cambodians have locked him in their hearts. What will it be a festival in the Bloom garden Guesthouse! “

Eva Verkuil

Family doctor in training

Cambodia team in 2012 and friend


“There are few people with such drive, commitment and conviction in one person. Not succeeding is not an option for you!”

Veerle Rooze

Theologian / Business expert

Friend of Peterhans


“Is there anything you would not do to bring this social enterprise a success?”

Sanne Jense.

Your sister, but also the director of Foundation En Route to which you are a loyal volunteer. Always willing to think in terms of solutions and opportunities.


“Peterhans has a dream! And Peterhans will make his dream. With his vast experience in various development projects in Cambodia and his passion and determination, he can ensure that the Bloom Garden Guesthouse is coming. I know Peterhans as years as a friend. And always I see the passion in the things that he picks. “Go for it ……”. Featuring Peterhans. With this setting and with the right people around him, they are able to realize the hotel. So it is worth to support his Bloom garden Guesthouse. Do! “

Anton Spaan



“With enthusiasm, conviction, humor and sense of local customs Peterhans get everything done.”

Heida Raven

Board member and project coordinator Foundation Active Help Cambodia

Former partner organization with experience youth-traveling


“Peterhans has the will and perseverance to make his Cambodia project a success. He has done his homework and knows what he’s getting into. He has the courage to actually realize his dream, and that is something we can only admire. Nothing is certain in life, but Peterhans will do everything to make his plans where. I help him with this initiative, do not you!

Theo Voermans,

marketing researcher



“The clock is running. Make the most of today.

Time waits for no man.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is your gift to Cambodia. “

Richard Hilt

relation to PH:

More than colleagues in the Dutch Correctional Institutions Agency


“Peterhans: tackles, continues and will succeed!”

Brigitte Hilt-Vos

relation to PH:

Friend and former management assistant


“Peterhans and his team are experienced, social, active and certainly not naive entrepreneurs.

If Peterhans had something in his head then dreams can come true.

Kick in the ass, he does not need …… does your financial support to make a start. “

Yolande van Wijk

Profession: Director Foundation Commundo

Organized together with PH special volunteers travel to Cambodia.


“Peterhans combines tenacity and practicality with a social and warm feeling for people. The Bloom Garden Guesthouse is coming! “

Jan Lems

D66 party leader Almere

Division Manager Ambulatory vitrée

Relationship: befriended and previously involved in projects in Asia

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